Our MissionIMG_6573

At Burlington Forest Preschool we believe that children and teachers should spend as much time connecting with the natural world as possible, allowing it to guide our teaching and learning. We support children to establish a sense of place and develop a respect for nature, while encouraging them to explore their interests and form positive relationships



Our Philosophy

We believe in connecting children with nature so they can develop a sense of place and compassion for the natural world. We utilize an emergent, integrated curriculum to spark children’s interest and curiosity, and an inquiry-based teaching style in order to support their learning and development.


Our Program

Burlington Forest Preschool is a licensed, outdoor-focused school with an indoor classroom, all located at the beautiful Ethan Allen Homestead.  Our maximum class size is 12 children per day, with 2 or 3 teachers. Starting in the fall of 2018, we will have two licensed teachers in each class. This ratio allows us to maintain the quality and vision of our program. Children ages 3 – 5 may join us 2 –  5 days per week.  Our day includes as much outside time as possible, circle time, a healthy snack, art, free play, movement, storytelling, discovery, and reflection.


In our program, children are engaged in:

  • Authentic and integrated play and learning
  • Place-based activities
  • Life skills such as cooking and conflict resolution
  • Gardening, composting, and growing food
  • Learning about personal safety
  • Using natural and recycled materials for art and construction



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